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Foodspotting Using Scarcity to Increase Quality

Using Scarcity to Increase Quality from UX Magazine

“Foodspotting is a site where people share photos of their favorite dishes. Rather than review a restaurant, you can see and share favorite dishes at a restaurant. You like the Pad Woon Sen at that Thai place? Let people know by taking a photo of the dish next time you eat there. Foodspotters, as Foodspotting users are called, love sharing these photos. In fact, before there was Foodspotting, there have been photo groups on Flickr where people shared interesting photos of dishes.

So how is Foodspotting using scarcity?

If you’re making the effort to photograph your dinner, you probably at least enjoy that dish. But what about your favorite dishes—the ones you rave about to your friends? For these, all users get “noms”—special ribbons reserved for those dishes you’ve tried and loved best. But there’s a catch: Foodspotting states, “You only get 5 noms to start with and must earn the right to nom more foods after that!”

Foodspotting using restricted Noms
“Noms” are reserved for my favorite dishes.

By limiting noms, Foodspotting encourages people to be more selective about which foods deserve special recognition. The site claims “the blue ribbon (the ‘nom’) means more because it’s hard to get.” People won’t give every dish a nomination lest they have no remaining noms to give to a dish that really is exceptional.

This idea could be applied in other, more familiar contexts. Imagine YouTube limiting each person to a handful of five-star ratings per month. Or what if Facebook limited the number of “likes” a user can use per day? While this isn’t the behavior Facebook wants to encourage, introducing a limited supply would change how people use the “like” button.”

Casual Couriers Relate Sites

Casual Courier is an everyday traveler that informally delivers packages for shippers. The term describes an alternative delivery practice of sending items from one place to another via independent traveler.
Casual couriers usually have existing travel plans before agreeing to deliver a package for a sender.

Reference site: The Casual Courier
The Casual Courier brings the world together by connecting senders of packages with independent traveling couriers.

Air Courier works for traditional courier companies as an employee and may receive discounted airline tickets. Air couriers may not have existing travel plans or depend on discounted tickets to schedule their trips. Air couriers are more limited than casual courier when it comes to dates of travel, destination, trip duration and baggage.

Reference site: is an International Association of Air Travel Couriers – Serving Casual Couriers Around the Globe Since 1989

Courier Travel News offers information on how to save up to 85% on international airfare by flying as a courier.

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Transport Service Related Sites

Transport service was a online company that promised free one-hour delivery of anything in the United States.|
Here are services Kozmo service:

Alcohol and Cigarettes
Laundry detergent and nonprescription drugs, Travel guides
Ready-to-eat gourmet meals
Video Games
Soft drink and ice cream
Newspaper came and went!


For anything you need in India.
Offer all kinds of essential services in India. Services include health care for dependents, certificates from India, real estate services, travel, ticketing, travel insurance, health insurance, bank related work, property management services, gifting to India, gifts from India, home assistance, export Indian items, religious and pilgrimage services, puja and darshan, money transfer services, legal services, postal mail services, investment and finance, entertainment, party planning, educational assistance, relocation services, charity, postal mail to India and many more….

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Social Networking Site Open Sources (pay)

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Share Traveling Experience Related Sites

Dopplr is an online service for smarter travel. Dopplr helps you make more of your travels by sharing your future trips privately with friends and colleagues. The service then highlights coincidences, for example, telling you that three people you know will be in Tokyo when you will be there too.

Citiport is an online community based on travel and living. People share their travel and living experiences in each city all over the world.

Zimride is the leading provider of online social rideshare and carpool matching systems in North America. The website combines Google Maps, familiar social networking components, and its proprietary ride-matching algorithm. Also Zimride created an application for Facebook. It makes sharing a ride safer and easier by using Facebook to find people going in the same direction.

Couch Surfing
At CouchSurfing International, we envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community.

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