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6 Foundations of Great Digital Creative

Promote on CSA in the America

I started to promote on American colleges International Student Association websites. Here are the lists of  CSA (Chinese Students Association) and TSA (Taiwanese Students Association)

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Internet Marketing Plan II

Maintenance options
(quoted from An Introduction to Internet Marketing and Planning by Martyn Whittaker)

step1- Review analytics
Review Hittail- add new content to reflect promising long tail key phrases
Check for broken links,

Step2- Build incoming links
Look out for newsworthy items and craft news release using them
Add site information to directories

Step3- Social media marketing

Step4- Create update schedule
Add fresh content

Step5- Develop e-mail marketing campaign
Integrate existing customers and prospects into email ‘house’ list

Step6- Infrastructure maintenance
Review google webmaster tool

Step7- Review pay-per-click ad
Review data and adjust keyword
Experiment with new keyword phrases

Step8- Optimize site
Use google site optimizer to set up an a/b or multivariate tests to test the efficacy of page elements and how they effect conversion rates


Internet Marketing Plan I

Organizing for the Internet marketing process
(quoted from An Introduction to Internet Marketing and Planning by Martyn Whittaker)

Step1- Register domain names

Step2- Select suitable technology for your e-mail marketing camping
Constant contact, Vertical response, Exact target, Experian cheetahmail, Responsys, Silverpop, YesMail

Step3- Being the development of an e-mail house list

Step4- Determine your keyword phrase for inclusion on your web site

Step5- Define pages and page elements required (or review pages on an existing site)

Step6- Create and craft web pages

Step7- Create google base page

Step8- Optimize pages

Step9- Initialize analytics
Google analytics, omniture, webtrends
Build javascript analytics code into each page

Step10- Sever housekeeping
Create robots.txt
Create sitemap to google

Step11- Setup google webmaster tools

Step12- Submit pages

Step13- Create a blog
Burn the site using Feedburner

Step14- Create pay-per-click ad campaign

Step15- Start link building activities

Step16- Set social media marketing objectives


The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier

The Brand Gap powerpoint by Marty Neumeier

Great powerpoint not only includes the branding theory, but also displays nice typography

~yuwei fu

What’s the next for social-networking advertising? Check Facebook

“Right now, ‘social’ advertising is anything on a social-networking site that users are pretty good at ignoring.” Seth Goldstein said.
The problems with social-network advertising revolve around three main issues: attention, privacy, and content.

“Targeting” is the way that advertising could capture user’s attention. By displaying that your friends are buying or thinking about buying, Beacon program came out in November 2007.

Beacon sends data from external websites to Facebook, ostensibly for the purpose of allowing targeted advertisements and allowing users to share their activities with their friends.

On the other hand, Weblo, an advertising network, they try to sells ads onto user’s profile of Facebook. The advertising value based on the numbers of your social networking friends and the numbers of your friends who like to see ads on their pages.

“Social-networking advertising will become more accepting of the “breathing dynamic” and grow to understand that its unpredictability is part of its allure.” Andrew Braccia, a partner at Accel, one of Facebook’s early investors said.

~yuwei fu

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