Memory inception; Three Keys To Creating A Great User Experience For Your Product by Dmitry Dragilev posted on Tech Crunch brought out three points to plant a memory: Transitions, Wow Moments, and Endings.

Transitions: “Giving customers one sensation and then transitioning to another causes a change customers will recognize and are surprisingly likely to remember. Transitions need a clear end and a new beginning, which will trigger the right-to-left-brain transition and form a memory.”

Wow Moments: “Very little of what you create for a customer will ever be remembered by them. They will only remember the peak experiences they have and refer back to them to sum up their feelings about your product.”

Endings: “Endings can put a positive spin on a negative experience or take a positive experience and ruin the whole thing. People remember endings.”

For me, the Wow Moments is most important but also most difficult. It requires new idea + good user experience + nice design. All three have to impress people in first few seconds. Nowadays, there is nothing really original idea. The new idea is combined two or more ideas together.



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